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The GOPLACES Mission:

Our mission is to get students out of the classroom to explore nature and learn about science.

Imagine the 9 San Francisco Bay Area counties.

Imagine all of the youth within the region’s 101 cities.

And now imagine every student in the Bay Area given the opportunity to explore. Imagine all of them becoming environmental advocates, and what that will mean for our world.

Imagine the difference with GoPlaces.

Welcome to the future of school field trips.

GoPlaces’ goal is to get students out of the classroom to explore nature and discover science first-hand for meaningful, memorable, and impactful learning experiences. Students develop a direct and personal connection to subjects when they are able to experience them directly. By cultivating this relationship, we hope to inspire the next generation of environmental and scientific advocates.

The future of field trips.

Field trips provide lasting impressions on a child, with unparalleled academic, cognitive, and sociological benefits. We are in the process of building an easy to use system that will help get kids out of the classroom to explore nature and science.

When GoPlaces is live, teachers will be able to book field trip transportation for free or discounted rates. Our aim is to leverage technology to provide access to safe, reliable, and affordable field trip transportation. It will be simple for teachers and our transportation providers to connect via our easy on-demand system. Imagine inputting your trip information, and in the same process have access to donated funds to support or offset your transportation costs. A trip confirmation arrives in your inbox and off you go.

Need a bus.

Teachers, rejoice. You’ll be able to book a bus for a field trip in the Bay Area from our page. Send us an email and we will let you know what comes next.

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Have a bus.

We’re always looking for new bus and transportation partners to help us reach more kids throughout the Bay Area.

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Fund a bus.

Your financial support is what keeps the wheels on our buses going round. Every donation helps support GoPlaces and trip transportation, which provides financial resources teachers can draw from via our fund creating low or no cost buses for every trip.

We will never share or sell your email address

The voices of teachers are crystal clear.

“Many of my students have very few life experiences outside of the home. Field trips allow them to see there is so much more to the world. It lets them know they have choices for their future.”
Teacher, Schafer Park Elementary, Hayward

“Field trips for our districts are not a priority. Districts just look at the price tag of buses and decide that exposing our children to their surroundings is not so important. Our children’s economic state of being is one of the many reasons our students lack world knowledge. They have to receive firsthand knowledge and not just information from books.”
Teacher, Dover Elementary, San Pablo

Why Field Trips Matter

GoPlaces is on the move right now.

In partnership with San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, we are executing our “Ready, Set, GoPlaces” awareness initiative of 50 free field trip buses for underserved Bay Area classes. Through the generous support of our funders and in collaboration with our field trip and transportation partners, 1,500 students will be getting out of the classroom to experience the amazing nature and science the Bay Area has to offer.